C2R starter pack

This is the ideal pack to get when you are new in this journey of riding. These tools will help you out of most sticky situations and will keep you on your bike!
R 1995.00
R 1850.00

What is in this bag?

1 x micro fibre cloth to dry your bike after his wash

1 x strong brush to scrub the mud/grime off

1 x 60ml Squirt bike cleaner concentrate - regular washing slows down the wear and tear 

1 x 10ml Sunscreen (spf 50) to have fun in the sun

1 x medium saddle bag to keep all your tools close

1 x water bottle to keep you hidrated during your ride

1 x 120ml Squirt chain lube to smooth out your ride

1 x red rear light (USB rechargeable) to make you visible on the road

2 x tyre levers to help you sort out your tyre issues

1 x tyre valve for tubeless tyres

6 x patches for inflatable tyres

1 x mini pump for all valve types

1 x slug plug (plugs and tool)  - instant tubeless plug system

1 x 150ml Squirt tyre sealant (suitable for tubes and tubeless tyres)

1 x CO2 bomb

1 x inflator head

1 x multi tool for all the necessary adjustments

1 x C2R draw string bag to keep all your bike necessities together

 (please note that products may vary as they are subject to availability)